Research Areas

Semiotics & Visual Communication
Application of Semiotic theories in the making of effective messages within the context of social or commercial Visual Communication.

Eye-Tracking & Visual Communication
Scientific evaluation of screen or print applications using eye-tracking: where and for how long do readers look on screen or paper, for example on web-sites, advertisements, on-line applications, magazines, books etc. Legibility and scientific evaluation of typefaces, micro-typography and graphic design factors that affect eye-movement and navigation.

Typography & Graphic Communication
Typographic and Graphic Communication consultancy, research and design for print or screen applications.

Education & Visual Communication
Promotion and organization of educational conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions within the field of Semiotics and Visual Communication.

Graphic Fine Arts Practice
The use of Image, Text/Typography and Sound in the context of Fine Art.

Social Engaged Design
The lab explores the relationship between design, visual communication and social change. Social engaged design built its acts on a nonstop evolving hybrid society and on the understanding of public needs.