The Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab (SVC Lab) of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at Cyprus University of Technology was established in September 2009. It aims to promote research, theory, art and graphic design practice, as well as explore the role and application of Semiotic theories in the making of creative and effective messages within the context of Graphic and Visual Communication.

Image, text/typography and sound—usually present in much graphic communication, multi-media, film, video and motion—interact with one another and each term contains and encompasses the other two terms. The SVC Research Lab aims to investigate and establish research and evaluation methodologies that examine this triangular relationship within the broad theme of creative Graphic and Visual Communication, Art and Design, Typography, Semiotics and Social Engaged Design.

We welcome proposals, suggestions and collaborations that relate to the interests of the SVC Research Lab. Our lab aims to provide a platform for exploring, contributing and embracing ideas that encourage research Art and Design practice in the context of Semiotics, Social Engaged Design and Visual Communication.